Below is an overview of the classes and lab support offered and class materials.  

CyberLynx issues a quarterly (sometimes semi-annual) schedule of classes.  During the year, depending on demand, we offer selected classes and 2-hour lab sessions.  The brochure is available at the Bandon Library or you can print the current online brochure  CyberLynx Current Schedule.

Classes are in 7 categories:

  • Basics (using a keyboard & mouse, signing on/off, basic computer use)
  • Internet – Access and selected applications (using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome)
  • Google Products  (Google Search, Google Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa Photo Management and Exploring Google Apps) and Google Drive Applications (Overview, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms)
  • Microsoft Applications (Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10, Windows File Management, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)
  • Other Topics
    • Getting a Web Presence
    • Facebook, Google+ and other social media
    • Skype and Hangouts for video conferencing
    • Using the Bandon Library computers and digital services (Library2Go)
    • PC Security
    • Password Management – Using LastPass
  • Apple OSx and iOS Basics

The Basics classes introduces the skills you’ll need to benefit from all the other classes.  Being able to use a mouse and keyboard (or use your touch screen virtual keyboard) and having some comfort with getting around your computer screen are necessary.

We also have Lab and Workshop sessions on open or selected topics.  These are two-hour block of time staffed by an instructor who will try to address your questions, problems or projects.  We can’t guarantee that the specific instructor will have expertise on your topic or need.  It’s first-come, first-served.

  • Apple and Open Lab for help with your iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other Apple devices
  • Photo and Open Lab to use our photo, negative and slide scanner and get help with using PhotoShop Elements or Picasa to “fix” flaws in them.
  • Web Presence for help on setting up a free or very low cost web site integrated with social media.

Class Materials

Below find the materials used in the classroom for each class we offer – exercises and/or PowerPoint presentations and/or handouts.  Just click on each bullet point to access CyberLynx’s Google Drive documents. Please note that these materials are not self-help tutorials.  They depend on an instructor to provide additional information and instruction.

Google Products
Microsoft Products

Intro Basics

Using Browsers to access the internet


Anatomy of a Web Presence (Building a Web Site using mostly free Internet tools)

Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)

MP3 Players – Downloading iTunes and Podcasts

PC Security

Password Management – Using LastPass

Bandon Library Resources

Using Library2Go

Using Library2Go v2017

Using the Library’s Computers