Get Involved

Volunteer Your Time

  • Do you have computer skills you’d like to share?
    • Become an instructor.
    • Become a lab assistant helping others one-on-one during scheduled lab sessions.
    • Become a classroom assistant, helping the instructor to provide individualized help during exercises.
  • Help with administration and coordination by copying student handouts, making reminder or follow-up calls to participants.
  • Do publicity and marketing.  Let people know about the great classes they can take for free.

Make a Donation   

  • CyberLynx is funded through the generous support of the Bandon community and class participants.
  • The Sprague Family Foundation has supported CyberLynx with an annual grant.
  • All donations go directly to the improvement of the classroom environment and materials.
  • CyberLynx is an organization made up entirely of unpaid volunteers.